Carol Defarias

Property Consultant

I started my career in sales in Tauranga in 1999, I fell for property then and there. In 2001 I moved to Rotorua and started working for a property management company. I started as a Letting consultant / Property Manager and after 2 years was promoted to Rentals Manager. 3 years later I brought into the company as I knew that I had found my niche. I was with the company a total of 14 years until it sold, I then decided to go out on my own.

At the time I could see a gap in the market for a hands on property manager and a more boutique style business. The aim is to provide excellent service with transparency and accountability. 

The key things that have come up over and over are transparency and accountability. People want to talk to one person to get the answers they require. They also want to know that the things that they want done are actioned. One of the biggest things that happens is that properties fall in standard without the owner knowing. This occurs a few different ways one is maintenance not being carried out or explained so the owner can see what could happen if it isn’t actioned. Another is changes in staff, remembering when a new Property Manager takes over they only know the property in the condition it is in today. This may not be the condition it was in when you put it under management.

So what strategies do I have that are any different you may wonder.

I am very focussed on building good long term working relationships with both Landlords and tenants. I am a hands on operator who expects nothing less than to be held accountable. I have gone with software that allows an owner log in to check rent arrears and actions taken if behind. Also you can check where agreed maintenance is up to (work orders status) . I am a very experienced Property Manager with a huge amount of knowledge with in the industry. I am very passionate about Property Management and very focussed on the fact that I am dealing with people’s assets.

I also have my own investment properties in Rotorua and understand the value of maintaining a good standard to achieve maximum market rent and attract good long term tenants.

"Giving you the experience you deserve"



Leah Newson

Property Manager

Hi, my name is Leah I am a mother of 5 children varying in age from 4 to 14 years old.

Outside of work I have a busy home life with my husband and children. We are always on the go, whether it be at the lake, the beach or catching up with our families. Originally from Wellington we relocated as a family to the Bay of Plenty 23 years ago.

I started in Property Management at the age of 16 answering phones and directing enquiry working with my Mum whilst still at school.

I have a real passion for developing relationships and working with people. I get a real sense of pride and enjoyment when I can help someone achieve a good result.

Through the years I have worked for a few different firms in Rotorua and have now found a position I really enjoy in a company that I am very proud to work for.



Sarah Savage

Property Manager

Hi, my name is Sarah, I am a mother of 3 children - 2 boys (12 and 17) and a daughter who is 3.

I enjoy family time and am quite partial to a 5am gym session and have lived in Rotorua all my life.

I started my property management journey as a receptionist, I then accepted a Property Manager position in 2013 with the Professionals where I was trained by Carol.

I moved to Australia briefly in 2015 but returned to a position with Precision Property in 2016. I had a one year sabbatical in 2020 and am now pleased to be back with the company. I enjoy a good challenge and working alongside Tenants, Landlords and tradesman.

I believe a good working relationship is the key to achieving your goals.